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The ŌURA Ring provides sleep and activity tracking with unparalleled precision. The ŌURA mobile app synthesizes this data into daily knowledge, helping you understand your state of mind, body, and spirit so you can best navigate your day. Made of titanium with diamond-like coating. Non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner molding. SUPERIOR TRACKING Unbeatable accuracy The most accurate device for sleep and activity tracking, the ŌURA ring: Senses the arteries in your finger, just like a hospital pulse oximeter. Captures 250 samples per second for a constant flow of reliable data. The ring stores data for up to 6 weeks, with regular firmware and software updates. Detects blood volume pulse, body temperature, and activity level with advanced sensors. Determines sleep stages with precision comparable to clinical sleep labs.


Humans have a unique genetic and cellular makeup.  The systems in our body are complex and a cascade of processes are constantly working to keep our bodies functioning.

This is a unique time in which we can utilize technology to hack into our biology to optimize our health.  Biohacker’s warehouse provides access to the latest biohacks to enhance your cellular makeup and your biology function.  Join the biohack revolution to achieve your optimal self.  With the help of the latest technology, you can live life with no limits.

In today’s industrial society, our systems are constantly burdened with toxins.  These toxins may come from our food and water, radiation, stress and more.  Take advantage of the latest technological advances to reverse some of the effects of aging and toxic exposure.  Using these modern therapies and techniques, we can enhance our well-being at the cellular level and change the course of our health.  Join the biohackers no limits revolution!


Microvascular Therapy For A Healthier Life

The vasculature within the body is responsible for carrying the essential nutrients that are required for efficient metabolic functions at the cellular level and also removing any extra products and waste produced from these functions. These crucial nutrients travel...

The Importance of Yoga

Our bodies are constantly exposed to dangerous physical and mental toxins. Toxic chemical exposure comes from our food, water, and even the air we breathe. Our mind can also become dangerously overwhelmed from non-stop stimulation. Yoga is a way of living that can...

Infrared light therapy

Red light therapy or near infrared light therapy has been proven successful in hundreds of studies for a variety of conditions including but not limited to orthopedic conditions, skin problems, traumatic brain injury and other systemic or autoimmune diseases. This...

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