Biohacking Supplements and Technology

Do It Yourself (DIY) biology is another term for biohacking. For the  “biohackers,” this means slowly changing what you eat or how you live to improve your health, happiness, and way of living.

The world of biohacks promises anything from rapid weight loss to improved brain function. On the other hand, the best biohacking results come from knowing what is good for your health and being careful about it. That is why for some they were taking biohacking supplements

This post will expand your knowledge of biohacking supplements and technology, which is a hot topic right now. So, stay tuned!

Biohacking Supplements and Technology

Today’s technology is a significant intrusion into health and treatment. Thus, below are examples of how biohacking supplements and technology works in the medical world.

  • Cryotherapy or cold therapy. This will use in exposing the entire body to shallow temperatures. The body experiences significant vasoconstriction after receiving cryotherapy. When the body’s temperature returns to normal, blood rushes back to the tissues, bringing a wealth of nutrients and minerals and an endorphin surge.

This energizing, stimulating experience is worthwhile. This will take 3 minutes and is known as its shortest treatment.

  • Therapy with Red Light. This is used to biohack the body. The light wavelengths will help the body and the mind which will give optimal performance. 

Studies show that your body responds best to red and near-infrared light with wavelengths between 600 and 900 nm. This range of light waves is absorbed by your epidermis up to a depth of 8 to 10 mm. This will cause your mitochondrial chromophores to take up the photons. This triggers numerous nervous system and metabolic functions.

Red light therapy is a type of biohacking that is becoming increasingly popular and is used to cure various diseases. It has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and restore function. Also, it is less scary than other types of biohacking because it does not involve chemicals or invasive surgery. Check this link 

The following locations offer red light therapy:

  • Rheumatologist or dermatologist
  • Gyms
  • Medical spas
  • Your home
  • Compression therapy This is for detoxing and cleansing before strengthening. your body system. It removes waste and lactic acid that accumulate from physical activity and normal body functions. Compression therapy boosts blood flow to specific body regions, eliminating toxins and hastening recovery.
  • Osteostrong. This is the process that helps maintain healthy skin, including wearing sunscreen daily and including items promoting collagen in our diets. This is one way to avoid poor conditions in our bones, such as weight reduction, inflammation, cognition, GI health, and the potential effects of a lousy diet and insufficient exercise on aging. 

Women lose 2% of their bone density annually after their mid-30s, and this process continues for a few years after menopause. As a result, osteoporosis is highly likely to affect women.

Men lose bone mass until they are about 65 years old, but they do so considerably slower than women. Because of this, people may have enough bone mass for a longer time, but as they get older, osteoporosis. will happen as we aged,

  • Intermittent Fasting. This is connected to low-carb meals. Eating the right fats and staying away from sugar. Higher superfood consumption.

 Several experts have turned to intermittent fasting to help you get the most nutrients into your body. You can shed weight and gain muscle and energy by fasting sometimes. Check this link

Fasting can make the body less resistant to insulin, which lowers blood sugar and makes it easier for the body to burn fat. Some experts say that intermittent fasting may also lower cholesterol. which help avoid acquiring heart disease.

Audio entertainment is a type of music biohacking that uses binaural beats and tones to synchronize with your brain waves and put you in a calm, meditative state.

  •  Music. Functional music can help you wake up your brain cells, which can change how alert, sleepy, relaxed, or stressed you feel.   Sound waves will also affect your brainwaves.  
  • Supplements. Biohacking supplements can make you more focused, give you more energy, and help your body absorb the most bioavailable forms of vitamins on the market.

Vitamins and minerals help your brain function. The nutritional gap can be filled with high-quality supplements like tablets, shakes, bars, or liquids that can aid in system detoxification, performance enhancement, and everyday energy.

Examples of these are the following 

  • Brain booster: or B12 neuro boost This pill increases your mental capacity, so you can function at your best.
  • Essential Energy Vitamins. You may get the vitamins and nutrients you need from Vital Energy to function at your best.

Biohacking Devices

  • Dark Eyewear. Wearing this kind of eyewear is the ideal present for someone who stares at a computer screen all day. It will protect “junk light,” or the blue light that laptops, smartphones, and even incandescent light bulbs emit. This harmful light affects the immune system, vision, weight, and sleep cycles. 
  • Oura Ring. This chic ring monitors bodily signals to provide data-based insights into your health. Upon hearing this, it will track your body’s readiness, sleep, and activity. 
  • Brain Octane Oil. Brain Octane Oil, which is flavorless and can be used in smoothies, salad dressings, and other dishes, was made by Bulletproof using C8, the fastest-acting, and most potent MCT oil. Your metabolic rate can be accelerated using Brain Octane Oil to improve fat burning.
  • EMF Protection + Radiation Blocker.    Even your children (don’t worry, we’ve all lost that battle) probably have cell phones, as do most of the folks you’re purchasing presents for. Although the detrimental consequences of EMF exposure are yet unknown, this is a topic of study that is still in its early stages and will provide us with more knowledge in the future. 

Consider giving your friends and family an EMF Protection + Radiation Blocker Pouch to store their phones in to keep them safe. This pouch completely blocks EMF without affecting connectivity or mobile service.

  • Chili Pad. The chiliPAD Sleep System is a pretty cool gift, whether it’s for your boyfriend, who consistently lowers the temperature to the point where you freeze at night, or your mum, who complains about persistent insomnia. According to scientific research, sleeping in a colder environment improves sleep quality. 

The chiliPAD Sleep System is one of the best sleep aids you can use at home. It has a patented cooling mattress pad, a hydro-powered thermal control unit, and a remote control that makes it easy to control the temperature.

  •  Alitura Natural Skin Care. This is a powerful anti-aging product, and more radiant complexion, detoxification, blemish elimination, hydration, and other advantages of Alitura are only a few of its many benefits. Check this link
  •  Qualia Supplements. These unique health supplements are ideal for gift sets or stocking stuffers. Neurohacker Collective developed qualia supplements to enhance memory, vitality, energy, immunity, and sleep.

 Each Qualia supplement is made with carefully chosen ingredients that work together to help you do your best. Support your loved ones’ general well-being while also including a few bottles for yourself.

  • LED Light. This device charges your cells and promotes healing throughout your body. Using LED light therapy, specifically dark red, red, yellow, and infrared light, from the skin’s surface to the bones. This square has two distinct energy states, pulsating for cellular healing and steady for pain relief. A study to find out how well a combination of LED light therapy (633 nm and 830 nm) works to make the skin on the face look younger.
  • Float Tank. It is a fantastic tool for meditation. According to studies, using a float tank has several benefits, such as lowering anxiety and stress levels, easing chronic pain, boosting creativity, improving well-being, and more. 
  •  Heart Math. This device measures and shows your heart rate by looking at how your heart rate changes. This shows how different emotions affect your nervous system. 

With the help of the Hear Math Inner Balance Trainer, you can self-generate HRV coherence, a highly effective physiological state that helps you think more clearly and feel calm. It will reduce weariness, exhaustion, disturbed sleep, worry, and burnout. 

Biohacking Supplements

One typical biohacking strategy is to incorporate vitamins into your everyday regimen. Supplements aid the body in absorbing nutrients in their most accessible forms. The added assistance can have a variety of advantageous outcomes, including addressing dietary deficits. Below are biohacking supplement examples: 

  • Fish oil: Supports heart health. 
  • Probiotics: Support gut and immune health.
  • Multivitamins: Fill nutritional gaps by offering several vitamins in one. 
  • Ginseng: Supports blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 
  • Vitamin C: Supports immune health. 
  • Vitamin D: Supports bone health. 
  • Zinc: Supports skin health. 
  • Iron:  energy and focus. 

Examples of Biohacking

Here are some examples of biohacking;

  • Sleep. Sleep prolongs life and prevents most diseases. Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system. Meditation cleanses the dense ball of neurons in our skulls, clearing metabolic waste (or “toxins”) as you explore your subconscious. Check this link
  • Outdoors. The idea that natural environments change our brains is straightforward, yet many issues remain. Outdoor time reduces brooding and speeds up surgery recovery. 
  • Eating well.  People who eat lots of unprocessed, plant-based foods live long and well. An avoidance-based or one-size-fits-all diet is usually a biohacking practice.  It is preferable to eat healthy food. In this vein of studies, comfort food is seen as a “coping mechanism” whose initial usefulness turns into establishing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Purpose. Happiness isn’t hackable. Pursue your purpose.

 If you seek happiness, your practical midbrain will likely lead you to the fastest, most potent dopamine dose.  One thing is for sure is that pursuing a purpose involves doing something that doesn’t instantly pay off but eventually boosts neurotransmitter levels.

  • Affluence. Wealth has always been the best health indicator. Have money. Get it without losing morality, purpose, relationships, sleep, or eating patterns.

If you want to learn more about biohacking, you can find supplements, devices, technology, and other resources online. Please visit our website for more information.

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