The most important activity we do every day is sleep.  While sleeping, our stem cells repair and restore damaged tissue and reverse the side effects of the daily toxin exposure.  If you are not getting adequate restorative sleep, your body is performing sub optimally.  Chronic sleep deprivation is one of the most common contributors to poor health.  The following hacks can help you reverse the daily damage and optimize your sleep patterns.

  • Blue Blight exposure

Modern technology has helped to improve our lives, but the blue light that is emitted from all electronics can dangerously affect our natural melatonin levels.  Melatonin is a hormone that helps to regulate our sleep and wake cycles.  When we are overly exposed to dangerous blue light from electronics, our natural production of melatonin may be interrupted.  A simple hack is to wear blue light blocking glasses when the sun goes down.  Our blue light blocking glasses help maintain a natural sleep/wake cycle developed over millennia by our ancestors in a pre-technological world.

  • Cooling mattress pad

To obtain and maintain restorative deep sleep, we must bring our body core temperature low.  Our heart rate slows and the natural healing effects of our stem cells are optimum.  By using a cooling mattress pad, you can lower your core temperature without breaking the bank with high electricity bills from running air conditioning.  The mattress pad has dual temperature controls so each individual in the bed can obtain his/her optimal temperature.

  • Reduce noise/light exposure

Remove all lights and sounds from the bedroom so that you can truly unplug and recharge your health.  Using an oversized silk face mask can comfortably block all outside light contamination which may interfere with restorative sleep.  In addition, remove all noise pollution from electronics.

  • Remove radiation exposure while you sleep

With the addition of WIFI and wireless communication, the amount of radiation exposure on our bodies has increased exponentially.  This radiation interferes with our restorative sleep and disrupts the healing properties of our stem cells.  Turn off all wireless electronics in the bedroom and disable WIFI while sleeping.  Utilize radiation blocking or negative ion products to reverse the effects of radiation.  These include radiation blocking jewelry, pink Himalayan salt lamps, or air purifiers.

  • Track your sleep patterns

Utilize modern technology to determine what affects your sleep.  The Oura ring tracks your daily activity by looking at body temperature, heart rate, and more.  Track you nightly sleep to determine the amount of time you spend in deep sleep vs REM vs light sleep.  Track your resting heart rate and when you reach your lowest core temperature.  This information will help you determine the most appropriate time to eat before sleep and what activities are best for optimum restoration.

Sleeping is the most important activity you can do to enhance your well-being.  Not getting enough or quality sleep is dangerous on a cellular level.  By using the simple biohacks above, you can achieve the no limits lifestyle!

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