Whitening Paste Boost


The first 100% natural paste to whiten your teeth (and detoxify, strengthen and clean them too!)

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A whiter smile is just minutes away with our Boost Whitening Paste. Simple to use and made with 100% natural ingredients to take your smile to the next level!

We combined the detoxifying and whitening power of extra virgin olive oil, 15 essential oils, three different clays and charcoal to intensify your smile. Mineral rich Boost Boost Whitening Paste will also help remineralize your teeth (bonus!)

Simply scoop out a small amount of paste, rub it on your teeth and allow it to sit for up to 3 minutes. Rinse if desired or just go about your day!

To amplify results combine with our LED portable teeth whitening product. The blue light technology will help intensify the effects and help keep the paste on your teeth for better whitening power!

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